Practice Schedule – All time is in Military Time

Varsity-JV BoysDinges1530-17301530-17301530-17301530-17301530-1730OFFOFF
Varsity-JV GirlsStasaitis1630-18301630-18301630-18301630-1830OFF0700-09300700-0930
Freshman/NoviceDiMarco1630-18301630-1830OFF1630-18301630-1830OFFAS NEEDED
7th/8th Grade
Squad 1
7th/8th Grade
Squad 2

Arlington Crew:  Safety Rules and Procedures

1. All rowers and coxswains must pass a swim test in his/her first season on the Arlington Crew team. The swim test date will be communicated with rowers and parents.

2. All rowers/coxswain must comply with instruction given by a coach.

3. Rowers must comply with the directions of their coxswain and coaches when on water.

4. Rowing is a unique sport and the Hudson River often has a mind of its own.  New and experienced rowers may have limited water time depending on their ability, weather conditions, and river conditions. ARA coaches will decide if it is safe to row. The decision of the coach is final and not subject to question or review.  The primary concern is the safety of the athletes. Other schools may decide to go on the water. This has no bearing on the decision of the coach. We do not follow other schools.

5. Practice is not cancelled if the team is not able to row on a boat. There are alternative practices, e.g. land practices.  Land practices are just as important as water practices. Land practices allow coaches to perfect the rowing techniques of the team. It also allows the coaches the opportunity to develop core muscles and to endurance.

6. The ARA Board holds monthly meetings. Anyone interested may attend. The Board will hold an executive session in the first 45 minutes. The meeting will be opened to those interested after the executive session. Minutes of the meeting will be posted on the website.

7. We share the boathouse with many other teams. We must keep our boathouse and bay clean and free from any garbage.

8. Consumption of alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, illegal drugs and substances by any athlete is prohibited both in-season and off-season. Any infractions of this rule MAY result in dismissal from the team.

9. Athletes will conduct themselves in a manner befitting an Arlington athlete at ALL TIMES. This includes at practices, races, school, the mall, on-line, and in any face-to-face, personal, voice or electronic communications. Athletes represent the team, their school, and their community. The first quality a coach will look for in an athlete is sportsmanship and leadership.

10. Crew is a synchronized endurance team sport. Coaches look for specific abilities, attitudes, and qualities. They also look for a 100% level of commitment. The absence of a high level of any of these traits could affect your position in a boat and on the team.

11. Attendance at all practices is mandatory. Attendance is a major factor in compiling the boat line ups.