Tail of the Fish Fall 2017

Important Race Details 9-30-2017

Girls are to report to the ARA Boat Trailer at 8:00 am
Boys are to report to the ARA Boat Trailer at 11:00 am 
We understand that the boys do not have to report until 11:00, however we encourage camaraderie and hope to see the boys support the girls first race at 10:00 am
The Trailer will be on the concrete trailer lot, on the left next to the entrance. and not in usual spot in the grass. Please clink the link below for more details.

Tail of the Fish Information For New Rowers and Returning Rowers
1. Saratoga weather has a mind of its own- dress in many layers and bring a chair, blanket, and boots. 
2. Rowers should have their uni, banana shirt, a maroon shirt, and any other article of clothing that they were told to bring. If your rower does not know what to bring , please have them contact their captain or coach.  Please make sure they also bring slides or flip flops. You will also want to bring a garbage bag for wet clothing.
3. Please parents DO NOT cross the tape where it says ” No Trespassing”, if you do and the official sees you, the entire Arlington Boat in that race will be disqualified. 
4. Parking will cost you $15.00
5. DirectionsFor GPS – enter 543 Union Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY (this is the SRA Boathouse).  Instead of turning into our driveway, continue over the cement bridge and take your next left.
6. BIG TIP: Alternate directions good for early morning when coming from South – take Exit 12 – and follow Route 67 East to Route 9 North.  Route 9 North is at the 3rd rotary.  Take a left onto Route 9 North to the intersection with Route 9P (Ripe Tomato Restaurant will be on your right – 2+ miles).  Take a right onto Route 9P and follow it around the lake until you get to the Route 9P bridge and Lee’s Park and the parking lot will be on your right.
7. Rowers can be dropped off at the entrance, parents please park your car and then hang out at the food tent! The food tent map is not available yet on the Saratoga website, as soon as it becomes available we will provide you the food tent location. 
8. All rowers can leave when every race is completed and the food tent is pack up.
9. Post tons of pictures to Facebook, Instagram @arlingtonrowingassociation, and email them to arlingtoncrewphotos@gmail.com
10. Cheer loud and proud for all the boats, LIVE, LOVE, ROW.. ARLINGTON
Race Line Ups

Event: Junior Women’s 1v 8 + A at 10:29 am
Boat: Admiral Sampson
Bow- Telzerow
2     – Wohlfarht
3     – Luciano
4     – Patel
5     – Gillman
6     – Hagerty
7     – Gaughan
Stroke Burghardt
Cox- Tracy

Event :  Junior Freshman/Novice Women 8+A  at 11:51 aM
Boat: Admiral Hopper
Bow- Cassidy
2     – Telzerow, E.
3     – Holtermann
4     – Christophides, S.
5     – Bleakley
6     – Godofsky
7     – Stevens
Stroke Wendling
Cox- Stasaitis
*Seating may change by Coach DiMarco

Event :  Junior Men 1v 8 + A  at 13:32 
Boat: Admiral Farragut

Bow- Tokarski
2     – Donohue
3     – Lee
4     – D’Agostino
5     – Williams
6     – Kitson
7     – Madsen
Stroke Spagnoli
Cox- D’Avanzo

Event :  Junior Women 1v 4 + A  at 15:02
Boat: Bella Donna
Bow- Christophides, B
2     – DiRubbo
3     – Tracey
Stroke Wohlfarht
Cox- Stasaitis